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7 Months of Chakra Classes

We are on a 7 month journey through the Chakras! The entire month of February will be focused on the Throat Chakra. Classes will touch on the topic all throughout the month, some more than others.

Yoga Rehab Class

Begins Wednesday February 12 at 9:00am. Sandra Summerfield Kozak will be leading this class through simple, effective, core-building moves.Using both yoga and phyisical therapy to address issues the students bring to class. Each class is different and fun.

Forgiving the Past: Moving Forward Workshop
February 23, 1-3 pm

We all have issues, experiences, relationship glitches etc., that we need to release from our consciousness - things that we need to forgive. From Sandra’s latest book,"Forgiveness: The Path to Happiness" on Yoga psychology, this class provides practical explanations and practices for releasing past relationship problems and moving into a happier state of being. As we let go of the past we have a more complete experience of ourselves and our lives right here in the Present. Our connection to Self is stronger and our lives feel fuller and more complete.

Sunday February 23rd 1 pm – 3 pm
Teacher: Sandra Summerfield Kozak
Cost: $25
Preregister by e-mail.


Yoga is wonderful system that works on both the mind and the body, fostering a sense of well being in both. It strenghtens the awareness of our body, our breath and the stuff that clutters our minds. Yoga encourages you to enjoy your practice, gradually building on your increasing strength and flexibility.

I started practicing yoga with Marleen about 6 years ago. She is the best! I've tried other yoga instructors because of moving and or travel and still find myself eagerly returning to her classes. She's even worth the proposed $5 Benicia Bridge toll! She explains the movements and postures in clear easy language. I can finally reach my toes in a forward bend. Her classes are challenging, fun and different every time. I've learned so much from her and am a more peaceful wife and mother since starting her classes. I'm hooked for life.
- Sue Doyle

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Thai Yoga Massage is the healing art of traditional Thai Massage to which has been added other techniques and practices of Yoga Therapy. It is a beautiful and powerful combination of massage, accupressure, stretching, twisting, energy work and meditation, all rolled into one experience. Thai Yoga Massage aims at stimulating the flow of energies within the body, to achieve a state of harmony between these energies and a balance for optimum health. It is especially beneficial for release of tight and painful muscles.

The session was amazing. I felt my body open in ways I haven’t experienced in a long time, maybe years. I felt tremendous amounts of energy move throughout my body. Marleen created a space of safety and openess – her touch was firm yet nurturing. It was an amazing experience. I will do it again soon!
- Lynn Hoyle

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